We Sing Pop review

It seems like only yesterday that I was playing We Sing Rock. Although not a fan of this type of game, I gave it a pretty good score for the fact that I actually had a good laugh playing it. Plus it had the Offspring in it. Now a new Pop-only version has arrived which has no guitars, no hairy men and no Pretty Fly for a White Guy. Will this version keep me as entertained or will it send me GaGa? (more…)
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We Sing Rock review

The Wii has seen hundreds of party, singing, minigame compilations, dancing, zumba and the like appearing in the last few years. Usually I despise this type of game and feel hatred for ruining my fav console. Now We Sing Rock is the latest singing game to appear. Will it rock you, or leave you wanting a Stairway to Heaven?... (more…)
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