360 Mega App Pack HD Review

Review by Matthew

On firing up the self proclaimed Mega App Pack I was greeted by a black and white spinning background with the title in the foreground in a mixture of fonts. It was playing some repetitive electronic music at me so I pressed start to get to the main menu where the music continued and I was presented with a list of the applications contained in the Mega App Pack.  I’ll give a brief review of each of the 8 parts making up this compendium.

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The first in the list is the “Rumble Lounge” which claims to offer an enjoyable relaxing massage with support for up to 4 controllers. It gives you the option between a preset massage and full control.  Selecting preset massage gives a pattern of vibrations to the controller predetermined by the creator.  Pressing start here brings up a menu allowing you to select  from a range of different preset massages including the amusingly titled “happy endings”.  If you choose full control you get to use the triggers to give analogue control of the motors in each side of the controller including the option to pick which controller controls the vibrations of which game pad . This might be useful for some people and I’ll leave it up to you to decide what for.

The next allows you to turn your 360 and TV into perhaps the most expensive clock you’ve ever bought. You can have either a digital or analogue clock which just displays the hours and minutes. Nothing much to say here except that it works.

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Super Button Mashing Bros suggests that it’ll offer up some old school fun. When you start it up it gives a more pixelated menu with a different tune in the background which is perhaps more repetitive than rest of the music from the main menu. Starting the single player presents you with a short above a stone and it prompts you to bash A to stab the stone enough times before the timer runs out. It’s like a single Warioware mini game and doesn’t offer any more depth than that.  I got bored after just the third level.

This Mega App Pack now astounds me with a hidden feature in the 360 that I wasn’t aware of. The ability to tap into the ether to read the future. Surely this will give me insight into my future which will change my life.  Asking it a range of questions gives seemingly random answers like a magic 8 ball. Only time will tell if it really knows the future.

The calculator application allows you to use it like a simple calculator. It works and it might be useful if you don’t have your phone, a calculator or a computer to hand. The same repetitive music pumps in the background here though you can thankfully mute it to allow you to concentrate on your important calculations.

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Arrow panic claims to be a surprisingly deep action strategy game. Maybe this will be the killer app! Let’s see. It requires at least 2 players and the object of the game is to earn money to collecting the $ symbol blocks with your cursor and use these to buy arrows in all of the directions to direct the nuke symbols at your opponents to deplete their hit points. The graphics aren’t that great but at least it’s original and quite interesting.

There is a random number generator with a configurable maximum number where you press A to make the on screen finger press the big red button and a new random number pops up on the screen. It works and might be useful instead of a dice for a party game or something.

The final part of the collection is a copy of Simon where you have to remember the pattern of the coloured lights it flashes at you and repeat it back. It doesn’t look very pretty but it works and is just as fun as the original game. It supports multiple players so it might offer some fun trying to challenge your friends.

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Overall 360 Mega App Pack feels more like a tech demo that someone made to experiment with developing on the Xbox 360. There don’t seem to be any bugs or problems with it and it does what it says. It’s there if you want it, if any of the apps interest you then you cant do much worse than spend 80 :MSPoints: on it.

You can find out more about the game and download the trial here.

Review by Matthew.

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