Sunset Launch Trailer

Tale of Tales’ game Sunset launch on Steam this coming Thursday. Here is the launch trailer.

SUNSET from Tale of Tales on Vimeo.

Video games are no stranger to conflict. But what would it look like if a game cast you not as a war hero, but as a bystander – a civilian caught up in the chaos? Sunset – the latest from renowned Belgian studio Tale of Tales – casts the player as Angela Burnes, a housekeeper in a fictional South American city. Taking place in a single apartment, through weekly visits over the course of a year in the early 1970s, the game simply asks you to go about your duties for your employer, Gabriel Ortega. But it also gives you the opportunity to feed your curiosity by exploring your employer’s home and, ultimately, discovering his role in a conflict that’s taking hold of the country. With a revolution against a notorious dictator brewing on the streets outside, will you simply clean the windows and do the dishes? Or will you feel compelled to investigate your mysterious employer’s apartment in his absence, digging up information on the wealthy Ortega and his involvement in the revolution? Sunset presents you with an ongoing array of decisions to make – which shape your story and your relationship with Ortega in subtle but meaningful ways, yet true to life, the war and revolution will rage on regardless. Each visit brings with it new tasks to complete, and new opportunities to investigate. You have one hour, one day a week, at sunset. How you use that time is up to you.


  • A first-person narrative-focused game with decisions that impact the player’s emotional experiences within the game
  • No fail state – this isn’t a game you can win or lose, only influence
  • Anywhere from 90 minutes to six hours of gameplay, depending on your approach
  • Soundtrack by the award-winning Austin Wintory (Journey, The Banner Saga, Monaco)
  • Achieved a whopping 270% of its funding goal on Kickstarter!

Find out more about the game via its Steam page here.


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