Shift 2 Unleashed launch trailer

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A launch trailer for EA’s Shift 2 Unleashed is now out.

Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica HD remakes announced

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Capcom announces the HD remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica HD for Xbox and PlayStation.

Swarmite Sensitivity Training video

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Not sure how to deal with a Swarmite? Check out this handy video in preparation for the release of Swarm.

Fireburst multiplayer trailer

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A new multiplayer trailer for Zoo Entertainments Fireburst is now out.

Skullgirls Screenshots

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Twelve new screenshots of Autumn Games’ Skullgirls have been released.

Crysis 2 Gate Keepers

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A new trailer showing some game play footage from Crysis 2 is now out.

Anarchy Reigns video – Blacker Baron

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Another character bio for SEGA’s Anarchy Reigns, it is Blacker Baron.

Anarchy Reigns video – Mathilda

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A new video for SEGA’s Anarchy Reigns shows one of the characters ‘Mathilda’.

Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode II: Good Effect On Target

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The second part of the Battlefield 3 gameplay trailers is now online. This episode deals with those sneaky snipers with great effect!

Brink – A Matter of Class video

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A new video for Brink, highlighting the games objective-based teamplay has been released.

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