J. Kenworthy Entertainment Interview

Hi folks, we've got a treat for you! We did an interview with John Nielson of J. Kenworthy Entertainment, who was a huge part in the development of the recently released, Ancients of Ooga on Xbox LIVE Arcade. We'll have our review posted soon, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this great discussion! 1. Can you tell us what Ancients of Ooga is all about? I’d love to!  Ancients of Ooga is an adventure where, as a great spirit, you are summoned to help a primeval race of creatures called Ooganis. The Oogani tribes ignored their chiefs and…
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Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition Review & Atlus Roundtable

Set in the realm of Zenozoik, players take on the role of Ghat, one of the many sons of Father-Mother. Accompanied by your friend Deadra, you must help Ghat to settle an unexplained vendetta with Father-Mother. Learn more about what you'll experience in Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Also, check out the Atlus Roundtable discussion after the review. (more…)
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