Far Cry New Dawn | REVIEW

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This week we checked out Far Cry New Dawn, the standalone addon to Far Cry 5 where we return to Hope County, Montana, seventeen years after the ending events from Far Cry 5. You play the role of ‘The…

Masters of Anima | REVIEW | PlayStation 4

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Masters of Anima is one of the more enjoyable ‘unknown’ titles that I’ve played this year. Developer Passtech Games has taken inspiration from some rather well-known but somewhat under-appreciated titles of the past, including the Pikmin series on GameCube…

The Bunker | REVIEW | PlayStation 4

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Developed by Wales Interactive, The Bunker is an FMV “videogame” that puts you in control of John, the lone survivor in an underground nuclear bunker. This entire “game” is presented through FMV scenes, which has potential to be a…

Dying Light: The Following Review

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Dying Light remains to be one of the most impressive games that I’ve played in recent years. It’s basically the love child of Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island, with a lot of added-in polish to truly make it shine.

Review: Submerged

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Last week I managed to get my hands on a copy of Submerged. Submerged is a new Indie game by Uppercut Games. It’s the first console game to come from the studio and I was curious to see what…

Scalebound gameplay footage

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The first gameplay footage from Scalebound, the next great adventure from critically-acclaimed developer PlatinumGames and renowned Game Director Hideki Kamiya.

Destiny ‘Mars’ Trailer Released!

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Activision released a new trailer today for the upcoming hit from Bungie Studios, Destiny. Check it out below.

Double Dragon Neon – Steam Review

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The popular 80’s martial arts duo Billy and Jimmy Lee have returned for another adventure, this time a reboot of sorts of the classic series. The original 1987 Double Dragon followed the story of the two brothers whose (girl)friend Marian…

Review: Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood

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This holiday season has brought us two shiny new gaming consoles and with them a limited library of new games for our enjoyment. For those of us itching for a new gen puzzle-platformer we have been out of luck…

Contrast Review

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Contrast is a puzzle platformer in a 1920’s themed setting, featuring a young girl named Didi and her friend Dawn.The game starts with Didi sneaking out of bed and into a nightclub where she finds that her family life…

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