Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Gameplay Premiere Trailer

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The first trailer showing footage from the Back to Karkand DLC is now available to watch. 

Lollipop Chainsaw Halloween trailer

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A new trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw shows Morikawa, a second-generation zombie hunter who looks after his apprentice, Juliet.

Modern Warfare 3 – The launch trailer has arrived.

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Modern Warfare 3 drops in a little over two weeks so this may be a tad early, but here’s the official launch trailer straight from Activision. Enjoy!

The War of the Worlds launch trailer

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The War of the Worlds launch trailer for its release next week on XBLA and later on PSN and PC.

Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer

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Need a Battlefield 3 fix to keep you going until the launch next week? Here is the launch trailer.

Battlefield 3 – Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

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Not long to go until the release of Battlefield 3 next week, in the meantime here is a trailer showing footage from the multiplayer maps.

Dungeon Defenders Review

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Trendy Entertainment are finally releasing the long awaited console and PC port of the hit mobile device game Dungeon Defenders. Is it worth the wait? Read on and find out!

Dungeon Defenders: Dev Diary #5 – Game Modes

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The final Dungeon Defenders developer diary before the release this week is now available to watch.

Dungeon Defenders: Dev Diary #4 – RPG Mechanics

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The latest developer diary for the soon to be released Dungeon Defenders covers the RPG Mechanics in the game.

Modern Warfare 3 – Redemption Trailer

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Modern Warfare 3 grows near, and we’ve just gotten the new trailer from Activision. Check out the video entitled “Redemption” shown below.

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