Strike Suit Infinity Review

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The Steam Chamber takes a look at Strike Suit Infinity, the new horde mode game, from Born Ready Games.

Saints Row IV – PAX Demo video

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A new video of Saints Row IV shows some gameplay from the demo at PAX.

Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers new features

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Two brand new features in the forthcoming Magic 2014 game have been announced.

Saints Row IV – Meet the President trailer

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A new trailer for Saints Row IV shows the character, the President of USA, delivering justice Saints-style to the invading alien empire, the Zin. 

Greenlight Highlights – Episode 8

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We cover six more games hoping to get a release on Steam via Greenlight. Details on the games after the video.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine Review

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The Steam Chamber takes a look at Monaco, a four player co-op heist game, from Pocketwatch Games. We’ll be uploading some multiplayer highlights later today.

Dead Island: Riptide Review

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The Steam Chamber staff just returned from a trip to an island for a few weeks. The locals are dead friendly said the travel agents…. 

Review: Sacred Citadel

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The Steam Chamber review of Southend’s side-scrolling brawler Sacred Citadel is now available to watch. You can purchase Sacred Citadel on Steam here, visit the homepage for more details on the game.

ShootMania: Storm Review

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The Steam Chamber takes a look at Shootmania: Storm, the new competitive shooter from Nadeo.

The Steam Chamber – Greenlight Highlights – Episode 7

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This weeks six game round-up of some of the best potential Steam titles on Greenlight including Pulse, Battle Worlds: Kronos and GoD Factory: Wingmen. Details on the games can be found after the video. And don’t forget to visit our…

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