Fuel Overdose – Racing trailer

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A new top down racing game is heading its way to PSN and PC.

Introducing the Black Ops 2: Care Package Edition (and more)

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An image leaked with what everyone suspected was the inevitable Prestige Edition for Activision’s upcoming sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Everyone was mostly right, aside from the name of the bundle. Black Ops 2 will be available…

Need For Speed Most Wanted – Find It, Drive It trailer

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A new trailer for EA’s Need For Speed Most Wanted is out, if you can find the car then you can drive it.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Casualties of War trailer

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A new trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown shows some footage from the game, this time the casualties of war.

Rainbow Moon Review

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Rainbow Moon can easily be described as a pleasant surprise and a great addition to the PlayStation Network. Developed by SideQuest Studios and published by eastasiasoft (Söldner-X series), Rainbow Moon brings a solid mix of old-school and modern elements…

US PlayStation Store Update – August 21st

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This weeks US PlayStation Store Update includes Counter Strike: Go and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD.

Dogfight 1942 gameplay trailer and screenshots

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A gameplay trailer and screenshots for the soon to be released XBLA game also available on PSN and PC a little later in the year.

US PlayStation Store Update – August 14th

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This weeks US PlayStation Store Update includes Papo & Yo on PSN and Shinobi on PS2 Classics.

EA Gamescom Press Conference Trailers

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Trailers galore from the EA Gamescom Press Conference today.

Borderlands 2 Come and Get Me trailer

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The latest Borderlands 2 trailer features Handsome Jack who explains how fruitless your quests will ultimately be.

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