Anarchy Reigns screenshots and trailer

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A new gameplay trailer and screenshots have been released for SEGA’S fighting game Anarchy Reigns.

Renegade Ops screenshots

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SEGA’s top down shooter Renegade Ops gets some new screenshots.

X-Men: Destiny screenshots and powers vignette

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Some new screenshots and a trailer showing some of the powers have been released for the super hero action game X-Men: Destiny.

Ridge Racer Unbounded screenshots

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Some new screenshots from Gamescom for Ridge Racer Unbounded.

Dark Souls – Gamescom screenshots and trailer

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New screenshots and a trailer for Namco Bandai’s action adventure Dark Souls are now out.

Skullgirls screenshots

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Some new screenshots have been released for the fighting game Skullgirls.

FIFA 12 trailer

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A new trailer for the long running FIFA series is out highlighting the new dribbling skills, the player impact engine and injuries amongst others.

Lollipop Chainsaw announced for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

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A new action game called Lollipop Chainsaw was announced for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 today.

PlayStation VITA Goes Social

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PlayStation VITA has a line of free social networking and communications applications headed to the PlayStation Store in due time. All applications are free and will be available sometime next year.

PlayStation 3 – PRICE DROP

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Sony ended off their GamesCom 2011 conference with the confirmation of the much expected price drop on the PlayStation 3 console. If you’ve been waiting for the price to hit a point where you can justify the purchase, keep…

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