PlayStation ‘Welcome Back’ Package is LIVE!

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PS3 users now have the chance to get themselves some free games, assuming you don’t already own them all (many people do). If you don’t own Little Big Planet, or better yet, inFAMOUS, keep reading!

Darksiders II Announcement Trailer

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THQ released a trailer for Darksiders II this week and it looks seriously awesome. Darksiders was quite awesome despite from rough screen tearing issues which THQ quickly fixed through a patch.

POWER A Batarang Controllers coming to PS3/Xbox 360

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The latest accessories from POWER A (who recently released a large line of Pokemon DS accessories) is the Batman: Arkham City inspired ‘Batarang’ controllers for PS3 and Xbox 360.

EA E3 line up announced

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EA have announced what they will be showing at this years E3, predictably it is a lot!

THQ E3 lineup announced

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THQ have announced what will be on show during E3.

Konami Bring MGS/ZoE HD Collections to PS3/360

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E3 2011 hasn’t officially started, but the news is starting to flow. Konami’s press conference has unveiled some great surprises for gamers tonight including the development of HD collections for Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders, both…

Ubisoft announce Rayman Origins

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Ubisoft go back to their roots with the return of Rayman in Rayman Origins.

Square Enix E3 lineup announced

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Square Enix E3 lineup announced, includes Final Fantasy XIII-2, Hitman Absolution and Dead Island

Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer

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Not long to go until the release of Duke Nukem Forever. While you are waiting check out the launch trailer.

PlayStation Store now open

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After a month of closure, the PlayStation Store is finally back online!

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