Killzone 3 Review

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Only a short time has passed since we played Killzone 2, and now the ISA and the Helghast are back again. Having taken a different approach will Killzone 3, has Guerilla Games finally hit the sweet spot and given…

Spare Parts Review

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Meet Mar-T and Chip, courageous robots who find themselves stranded on a strange planet, and they must repair an abandoned and damaged spaceship to escape certain doom. With the help of the abandoned ships’ AI, Con-Rad, voiced by Simon…

X-Men Arcade Review

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The 90’s were great for arcade gaming with hits like TMNT and Double Dragon. One of most popular beat-em-up titles was X-Men which released in 1992 and it featured various playable X-Men characters blasting through sentinels and various other…

Marvel Pinball (PSN) Review

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It’s time enter the Marvel Universe with your PlayStation 3 and visit the world of Marvel Pinball. Do these heroes take it to the next level with this all-new pinball experience? Find out!

SingStar Dance Review

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SingStar has been an ever-growing series with its cult of followers, myself somewhat included in that group. Since the introduction of PlayStation Move, Sony has jumped on the bandwagon and brought in dance component to the SingStar series. But…

The Shoot Review

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Light gun rail shooters have been around for years and now PlayStation Move has brought us The Shoot. You play the role of an actor who is auditioning for a movie director and you have to shoot your way…

Alien Breed 3: Descent Review

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Alien Breed 3: Descent marks the final chapter in the Alien Breed trilogy, giving closure to the alien invasion. For those of you that are new to the Alien Breed series, it was a classic game developed by Team…

The SLY Collection Review

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Sly Cooper isn’t an unsung hero, but he’s definitely hiding in the shadows of Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank. But now, Sly Cooper is back along with his friends Bentley and Murray to relive all three of…

The Undergarden Review

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Bob, that is what I call my creature of unknown species. The developers, Vitamin G Studios, left it up to the players imagination to name it. Bob is a blue alien fairy from my best guess, fairies like to…

Vanquish Review

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Vanquish is set in the near future, resources are sparse and the world is suffering from global recession. USA have built a space-based energy generator to help with their energy crisis and this has been captured by a new…

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