Xbox Deal Of The Week: Horror Theme

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This weeks Xbox deal of the week has a horror theme with games such as Dead Island and The Darkness series.

Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailer

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The launch trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins, out this week on Xbox and PlayStation and early November on PC and Wii U.

XBLA Wednesday: How To Survive

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This weeks XBLA release is the action adventure game How To Survive.

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Gameplay Launch Trailer

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Here’s the new Gameplay launch trailer for COD: Ghosts, releasing on November 5th! Looks pretty – I can’t wait to get my hands on the campaign for this one! How about you?

Battlefield 4: Official Single Player Story Trailer

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Here is the single player story trailer for Battlefield 4, available next week on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Xbox Deal of the Week: Need For Speed

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This weeks Xbox Deal of the Week are discounts on the Need For Speed series and DLC.

Battlefield 4: Anthem TV Trailer

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Check out the ‘Anthem’ TV trailer for Battlefield 4, out 29th October in US and 1st November in Europe.

Escape Goat Review

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We have been following MagicalTimeBean’s Escape Goat when it was first released on Xbox Indie Games two years ago. Since then it has made it through Steam’s Greenlight system and is now available to buy on Steam. I think…

Batman: Arkham Origins Official Gameplay Walkthrough

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A new trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins shows 17 minutes of gameplay.

XBLA Friday: Alien Rage

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This weeks XBLA Friday release is the first-person shooter Alien Rage.

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