XBLA Wednesday: Flashback

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The Summer of Arcade continues with the remake of the classic 8/16bit platform game Flashback.

EA gamescom press conference round up

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Here is a round up of all the news and trailers from EA’s press conference at gamescom.

Saints Row IV: Accolade Trailer

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Saints Row IV launches in US today (Europe later this week), check out the launch trailer.

Project Spark screenshots

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A bunch of screenshots from Project Spark on Xbox One.

Tom Clancy’s The Division screenshots and boxart

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The box art and some images of Tom Clancy’s The Division have been shown at gamescom today.

Xbox gamescom press conference round up

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Here is a round up of all the news from the Xbox press conference at gamescom.

Xbox Deal of the Week: Konami games

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This weeks Xbox Deal of the Week are discounts on various Konami games.

Titanfall Box Art Revealed

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Earlier today, the official Twitter account for Titanfall revealed the box art for the upcoming mecha-FPS title.

Charlie Murder Review

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Punk rock, demons, blood and guts – that’s a summary of Charlie Murder, but there’s a little more to it than just that. It’s a lovechild parented by many other titles including Castle Crashers, The Dishwasher, and Scott Pilgrim…

Grand Theft Auto V – Online trailer

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A first look at some of the mischief you can get up to online in Grand Theft Auto V.

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