Crimson Alliance review

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The story found in Crimson Alliance is very simple and is presented in static artwork in between levels. It starts with a wizard has awaken to find himself with no memory of the previous events, he meets with a…

XBLA Wednesday: Crimson Alliance, Leedmees for Kinect, BloodRayne Betrayal and Skydrift

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Four more games for this weeks XBLA Wednesday; Crimson Alliance, Leedmees for Kinect, BloodRayne Betrayal and Skydrift.

Xbox Deal of the Week: Bad Company 2

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This weeks Xbox Deal of the Week are discounts on Bad Company 2 DLC including Vietnam, VIP Pass and Onslaught Mode.

Summer Uprising Review: Chester

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How does the platform game Chester stack up against the other XBLIG Summer Uprising titles? Read on and find out.

Xbox Indies Summer Uprising: Redd: The Lost Temple

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A few days later than expected, the final game of the Summer Uprising is an action adventure called Redd: The Lost Temple.

Xbox Indie Games Round Up – Episode 128

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This weeks Xbox Indie Game Round Up includes Take Arms, Chester, SpeedRunner HD and Train Frontier Express.

The Indie Zone Episode 15

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Reviews for Labyrinth, Egyptian Rat Smash and Venture: Diaries from the Battleground as well as news on some upcoming games.

Xbox Indies Summer Uprising – Take Arms

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Not literally mind, Take Arms is the name of the game which was due to be released last Monday but some last minute bugs meant the developers pulled the game to fix them.

Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack Gameplay Trailer

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A new trailer for the Physical Warfare Pack pre-order DLC is now available to watch.

Train Frontier Express review

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Train Frontier Express is a sandbox game which allows you to build a network of train tracks and the surrounding scenery to go with it, then once you have built your world you can take it a train for…

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