General Competition Rules and Information

This page contains the General Rules for the competitions held on the site or on Twitter. Unless stated on the actual competition page these rules apply.

Site Competitions

– You can enter only once per competition. Multiple entries may be banned from this and future competitions.

– If you are posting as a guest, please include a correct email address otherwise we will not be able to contact you if you win. Your email is not made public.

Twitter Competitions

– You must be following our Twitter account @Gamergeddon.

– If the competition is Retweet (RT) based you can use either the traditional way of ‘RT @Gamergeddon…’ or the new Retweet method. We prefer the traditional method though so try to use this if possible.

– The full message must be posted. We include hashtags such as #GGCompo to easily identify entries so partial messages may be lost and invalid.

– Entries from multiple twitter accounts owned by one person are not allowed. We do check and have caught many people doing this, you will be banned from future competitions if caught.

– You should only retweet once per day during the competition period.

General Information

– Unless stated all competition winners are picked at random via

– The judges decision is final.

– No alternative prizes will be offered.

– If you have won one of our previous competitions you can still enter and be eligible to win.

– The winners names published either on the competition page,  a separate post or a tweet usually within 48 hours after the competition has ended.

– Winners have seven days to redeem codes otherwise they may be given to someone else. This is to stop  codes being unredeemed by bot accounts.

– Some prizes such as redeemable codes may be unusable in your country, for example Xbox Live Indie Games or region specific games. We can not do anything about this as it is out of our hands. We will try to specify if a game is region locked etc.

Social Media