Weekly code giveaway for Powa Volley and Boring Space Shooter

As mentioned earlier in the week I am trying something new for this weeks code giveaway. To enter all you need to do is post in the comments to any news on the site with an on topic reply. I will decide a winner based on the quality of the reply and one at random from all posts made from the start of the giveaway to the deadline.

Examples of replies you can make are your impressions of a new indie game, did you like the game? or think it is too expensive? You could reply to a review we have wrote with your feedback on the game or even the review itself.

What I am trying to do is get people more involved in the site as at the moment most posts made are just people entering the giveaways. If you are stuck for something to reply on, why not reply to the latest Question of the Week or the game reviews below.

Up for grabs are a code each for Powa Volley and Boring Space Shooter, click on their respective links for our reviews. Thanks to both developers for kindly donating the codes.


– The deadline is Sunday 22nd November at 23:59:59 GMT. The winners will be announced within 24 hours.
– Comments must be on topic and have some substance, i.e. no “nice game” replies.
– Include your correct email address in the field as this will be used to contact you if you win, the email address is not shown to the public.
– Anyone may enter but please remember the token may not be redeemable if Indie Games are not available in your country.


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