Immunogen Review

The indie marketplace has a plethora of puzzle and trivia games. Does CNG studios have what it takes to be a worthy inclusion? Continue reading to see whether or not this matching game can beat the rest.

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Immunogen is a matching game based off of viruses and medicine pills. The game has no back story; you are presented with a title screen that represents the game, how to play, and awards. The concept of the game is simple and quite easy if you have photogenic memory, if not than be warned that it is incredibly hard to remember up to 12 different viruses/capsules at a time. That being said you do have the option of choosing between 3 different difficulties cleverly named as just a cold, see a doctor!, and pandemic . And if you do forget the correct colors you have the option of rechecking the matching orders, but you have to endure a quite annoying announcer ever time you access it.

The game play is simple, but rather too simple at times. You must drag the correct colored pill to the adjacent virus. When the game picks up and you are dragging pills across the screen you sometimes think your placing it upon the virus yet if you miss the pill goes back to the right side of the screen. This often adds to the already frustrating task of trying to memorize the correct pills. You are given three lives that at times don’t feel like that many, if you make a mistake with placing the wrong pill to virus it duplicates adding to the chaos. There are an infinite amount of levels that accumulate as you progress to a certain point in each level.

Where CNG studios do succeed is with the graphics and sound. The graphics are like a visualizer that has the view of a microscope looking at blood vessels constantly moving. This is a simple 3D rendered background that adds to the experience of fighting viruses. The soundtrack is very rock centric and admittedly the best part of the game. The sound effects on the other hand are minimal and quite loud that I wish there was an option to turn it down just to listen to the music.

Overall Immunogen is a matching that is difficult, has pretty graphics, and a good soundtrack. Even with the cheap admission, 80 :MSPoints:, I can’t recommend Immunogen to anyone unless they are a diehard matching game type person or they really want to improve on their memory skills.

You can find more information on the Marketplace.


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