Old School Racer Review

Anyone familiar with Trials HD should look no further than Riddlersoft’s Old School Racer, it has Trials’ creative charm mixed with a retro feel. Riddlersoft has created one hell of a ride with Old School Racer leaving no cause to stop playing this addictive game.

Old School Racer’s game play is simple to play, but hard to master. You control your rider moving forward or backwards to control the weight distribution of the dirt bike. It is easy to lose control if you are not careful and fling your character into a rag doll effect. You have the ability to boost, but it is limited for a small time depending on the bike you have. Be cautious with boosting though, if over abused your bike will explode and you will have to restart from the most recent checkpoint, all while the timer is still running.

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The concept of Old School Racer is simple and easy, race across 20 levels of increasingly difficult and creative tracks to try to beat your high score. You do not have to worry about racing other players or the computer, just race against the clock. The game offers five different game modes; three are your traditional easy, normal, and hard levels. The other two game modes are where the game shines bringing you Wacky Levels and Challenges. The Wacky Levels are extremely creative and fun. What I mean by having fun is being continuously surprised at what is coming next and how to maneuver fast enough to prevent from failing. As you finish every level, you receive a medal depending on how well you sped through the level. Earning a gold medal usually puts you high up on the leader boards while earning others like bronze or silver, well it doesn’t give you much bragging rights.

As you progress through the levels you can find tokens that give you the ability to purchase new bikes that have different strengths or weaknesses such as more top speed or high boosting ability. The token locations range from simple and easy to find to hard and unimaginable places. If you want to hold the glorious reigns of superiority on the leader boards, it is well advised to obtain all tokens to receive the best bikes.

The graphics of Old School Racer are retro and colorful which adds to the arcade feel of the game. The animation runs smoothly while running in full speed, but on an occasion you may encounter a few hiccups that slow the game while it is trying to catch up with the player. This  happens rarely and doesn’t hinder the experience as a whole. The atmosphere is fully bits and sprites of retro years, but the only thing that isn’t so retro would be the character as he is a simple drawing done well.

Old School Racer has a great soundtrack that brings funk and rock into the mix. It never becomes annoying when you have to replay levels over and over again. The sound is not without its faults though, you may notice the effects of the boost become too loud at times and upon  finishing a level, the noises become stuck in motion while the game loads. This is only a minor annoyance as it seems to become louder than usual.

Riddlersoft has created a fantastic and fun dirt bike like platformer that has great controls, good soundtrack, and colorful graphics. There may be a few blemishes in the game, but it does nothing to take away the gaming experience. For only 80 :MSPoints:, you cannot go wrong with this addictive racer that has a high amount of replay value.

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