Avatar Bowman 2 Review

Gather ye bows and arrows and prepare for a shoot out, medieval style!

Avatar Bowman 2 is the sequel to Super Boise’s game released earlier this year. It now features a 3D environment set in the medieval times where you must defeat your opponent by shooting him or her with your bow and arrow.

The game can be played against a CPU opponent or another human either locally or online. Each player takes turns to aim their shot by moving the analogue stick which sets the angle and rotation. Once fired, the arrow allows for some adjustment in speed and rotation to fine tune your shot. The first player to score three successful hits is declared the champion.

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In theory this should be a great little game but it is let down by some flaws which become apparent very fast. The two players remain in the same two locations every game. This means you can easily remember the angles and rotation, either from the numeric displays in the corner of the screen or from the scenery such as the windmill. This allows you to hit your target every time without fail. I would have liked to have seen varied locations or wind speeds to make the task of aiming more difficult. There is a fairly large play area which is not used, why not allow random player locations on the castle battlements or hills?

As an added bonus you get the original Avatar Bowman game which allows you to play against the CPU or another human locally. This is a 2D sidescrolling game with the same gameplay; shoot your opponent. Unfortunately it suffers the same issues with the ease of remembering the angles and power.

The presentation is done well with a good clean menu design which is easy to navigate. The in game presentation is fine, showing the values for the angle and rotation does spoil the game though. Graphically the game looks good, the battleground surrounded by the castles and forest sets the scene nicely though I would have liked to have seen the area better used. There is just the one music track, a medieval folk song which goes well with the theme of the game.

Avatar Bowman 2 costs 80 :MSPoints:. I feel that the issues with the ease of the game make this a short lived experience. Once you work out the right angles it is an easy win every time, against either the CPU or human. With some changes to the design this could be a worthwhile game, but as it stands, it misses its target.

You can find more information on Avatar Bowman 2 on the Marketplace.


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