Dead or Alive: Dimensions Review

The long running series famed for its outrageously underdressed female fighters comes to Nintendo 3DS. Will it be a hit with Nintendo gamers or just a big boob?

Scantily clad women aside, Dead or Alive has proved to be a hugely popular franchise due to the incredibly fast action and decent fighting system. I am pleased to say that this new 3DS version is just as good as its console cousins, in fact it offers a variety of modes the consoles sorely miss. Most of these make use of the 3DS’ unique abilities, such as online play, streetpass modes and using the 3D cameras.

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The best thing about DOA is its excellent fighting system. The action is super quick and is all about chaining a huge number of hits, to create a combo attack. The person on the receiving end can counter these moves by pressing the block button. Successful timing can reverse the combo, allowing you to unleash a flurry of hits yourself. Some rounds can literally be over in a matter of seconds if the attack is devastating enough. DOA’s famed multi stage levels also come into play here. If you are fighting atop a bridge and are knocked off, if your health is low enough, the fall can hurt you and lose you the fight.

The game is incredibly fast paced, never letting up for a second. Sometimes, on the harder modes, the CPU will annihilate you in seconds, until you master the guard attacks. Each fighter has a unique style of fighting, with one of the characters having most of his attacks centred around sitting on the floor. Playing with different characters is fun as no one is the same. The only downside is that there aren’t many long range attacks, like Street Fighter’s hadoukens. However, some may prefer the more realistic combat.

The single player mode has a variety of modes, the usual Arcade mode and time attacks apply. Thrown in is a conquest mode, which adds some story to the game and is a great way to unlock more characters and costumes. The conquest mode starts off as a tutorial and makes sure everyone grasps the controls and reversal system. The tag battle is a good laugh although the tag button is never actually explained. The online multiplayer is a good crack too, though it runs at a slower 30 FPS rate. Still, even at this speed, the game is decent enough. There are some seriously good players online, so be warned!

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Graphically, DOA  is almost on par with the next gen console versions. The 3DS handles the game with no problems. The character models are great and the levels themselves look cool too. There is even a special Metroid themed level, complete with Ridley flying around shooting fireballs at the stage. When the game is put into 3D mode, the game suffers. The frame rate drops from a speedy 60 FPS down to 30. It is playable, in fact I played in 3D mode until I found out without is better without. Sound wise, it’s the usual techno soundtrack of other games, with the odd rock riff thrown in now and again.

Dead or Alive Dimensions is a great title for 3DS. It is the sort of hardcore game Nintendo need to win back some gamers. The action is fast, frantic and great fun. It looks good and there are tonnes to unlock. Better than Streetfighter? You decide…

Hugely satisfying, over the top fighting
Boobies do look better in 3D!
A little generic, but does the job
8.5Final Score

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