Old School Adventure Review

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The unarmed hero makes a second attempt at destroying the evil Mango in the sequel to Chris Unarmed. Is Old School Adventure a worthy return? Read on to find out.

Hydrophobia Review

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Hydrophobia. It’s been a long wait, and the leading title of “Game Feast” is finally upon us. Does this thrilling boat cruise live up to the hype? Keep reading…

Snailien Invasion Review

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Manly Games’ Snailien Invasion hits the marketplace for some Snailien 2d platform shooting action. Snailien Invasion takes its inspiration from the DOS game Liero, where little worms battle it out on various destructible environments. For those unfamiliar with Liero, Snailien…

Blade Kitten Review

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You play the character of ‘Blade Kitten’ Kit Ballard, a human/cat hybrid bounty hunter in the Korunda System. You take on your latest bounty which from the start does not go according to plan as you run in to…

Treasure Treasure: FFEE Review

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Ishisoft’s Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage Extra Edition is a co-op puzzle platformer that draws upon an easier era, long before such complications as raids and extensive plotlines, 16-bit technology, or color in portable games.  The glory days of Nintendo’s…

Madam Zhen’s Tent of Mystery Review

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Today we pay a visit to Madam Zhen’s Tent of Mystery, a fortune teller who offers tarot reading, personality tests and more. Is it worth crossing her palm with 80 pieces of silver? Read on to find out.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

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Spidey’s back, but this time he’s got help from…Spider-Man? That’s right, four different Spider-Men from various dimensions must work together to recover pieces of the shattered Tablet of Order and Chaos to save the world. Is Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions…

Kong360: Gorilla Warfare Review

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Kong360: Gorilla Warfare brings players the chance to prove to your friends that you’re the #1 primate out there.  Is this a war worth fighting though? Read on to find out.

Shank Review

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Klei Entertainment has released their masterpiece side-scrolling beat-em-up, Shank, on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.  While the genre was never truly abandoned, the content has been thinned-out. Is Shank the man for the job and does he…

360 Mega Pack HD Remix Review

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360 Mega Pack HD Remix is a sequel to last years compilation of games and apps. Is the remix worth checking out? Read on to find out.

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