Beat Hazard Review

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Beat Hazard. It’s been available for nearly a year on the Indie marketplace, as well as STEAM, yet I still come across people who haven’t heard of it. It uses the basic Geometry Wars formula but the gameplay heavily…

Scott Pilgrim VS. the World Review

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Scott Pilgrim VS the World hit PSN this week, bringing gamers back to the past with its 8-bit and 16-bit style. Is it worth your time to take out the 7 evil exes and win Ramona’s heart forever? Keep…

Monday Night Combat Review

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Monday Night Combat is a shooter set in a TV game show and for many it is one of the most eagerly anticipated XBLA releases this year. Should the show be commissioned for a full series or be cancelled…

Blox Review

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Blox is an arcade puzzle game in which you must clear the columns of coloured blocks as fast as possible. It is a simple game that anyone can play and you do so by firing matching coloured blocks into…

Towers Review

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Tower Defense games have flooded the Indie game marketplace over the past year. Though there are still not many on the Live Arcade marketplace, few like Crystal Defenders and Defense Grid are. With so many Indie games to choose…

This Way That Way Review

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This Way That Way is a puzzle game with an overall original game play idea with some inspired puzzle elements. Come this way and read more about the game.

Quizocalypse Review

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The Rainbow Corporation has a new gameshow with the new target audience of Zombies. Lovely brains are up for grabs, read on for how you can win yours!

Quad Force Review

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If I say Stolpskott Studios, you say what? If you answered with Quad Force, you’d be correct! Quad force is the latest release from this indie game developer that incorporates guns, lasers, and robots. Is there anything not to…

Lethal Judgment HD and Packito lost in space reviews

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A double review containing two games from Frigiere, two shooters; one traditional and one abstract. Read on to find out more.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Review

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Once again, we are returning to the world of Castlevania and are plagued with the task of defeating Dracula. Is Harmony of Despair the true successor to Symphony of the Night, or is this adventure another average experience? Keep…

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