Playing This Week

This is the first in a weekly look at what I have been playing in the last seven days.

Last Friday saw the dramatic ‘$£#% this game and near throwing controller at TV’ after playing Call of Duty:WaW with some friends. Is it just me or has nearly every player started using the MP40 in the past couple of weeks. Until then MP40’s were a problem but were easily dealt with as only a few people were using them. Now it is a miracle if you do get shot by any other weapon, when I got killed by a snipers headshot I actually cheered and complemented him! I took a week off playing the game and we returned to it last night, the MP40 is still used by majority of enemy team. Why are people using MP40’s on Sealow and Downfall? Map Pack 3 has gone from instant purchase to wait and see if my mates buy it, purely for the fact that Call of Duty: WaW is no longer fun to play.

[singlepic id=4 w=320 h=240 float=right]My Game Of The Week, it is Madballs Babo:Invasion. The single player is not bad but the multiplayer is excellent fun. A few ex COD:WaW friends and myself have been playing the multiplayer games all week. The lag can be a bit ropey at times but the sheer fun and jokes playing the game makes you forgive the lag. I decided on Madballs for my next game review as I want to spread the word on this game as it seems to be overshadowed by BF1943 and Monkey Island.

With all the time freed up by Call Of Duty:WaW getting the boot I have returned to playing the XBLA game Banjo-Tooie. If you know me, I usually moan about paying 1200 points for games but this is one title that is 100% worth it. The game is massive, I have spent several hours playing and only just reached the pirate theme level. One annoyance is you do not always know what you are supposed to do and the camera angles can be very bad now and again. Overall this is a great platform game and if you want a game that will take many hours just to reach the end, let alone get the ‘100%’ you have to buy this one.

Battlefield 1943… what can I say… this game is so addictive! With only three maps it is starting to get a little repetitive but every game you play it is so different. I have not played it as much as I would like to this week but still remains a favourite.


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