XCross Code giveaway winners

Thanks to the developer of XCross for kindly donating the codes for this giveaway. If you have not already please do try this excellent Picross style game as it is great, read our review here.

The winner of the first code was to reply on our What is your favourite Xbox 360 Indie Game of 2009 question. All replies are eligible to be entered and Dennis Brandis was picked at random. Please check your email shortly for the code.

The second code was a Twitter based RT giveaway. mirpkered was picked at random, check your DM for the code. Also I  noticed that a lot of people are entering but not following me, please read the rules as mirpkered was the third random choice due to the first two winners not following me.

A new code competition will be starting tomorrow to win a copy of City Rain. And next week to celebrate Christmas I will be giving away at least one code each day from Monday to Thursday and possibly a couple more after Christmas.


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