A little later than planned but we got there in the end. After a lot of deciding, the domain name Gamergeddon.com was chosen so please update your bookmarks. The name change gives the site a better image and is catchier than Emuholic’s Game Blog which is no longer correct, as there are now additional staff working on this site. I started off this site last year as a small blog to write occasional game reviews but it had quickly changed into something more than that.

Over the coming weeks there will be some changes as we expand the site to cover XBLA games and in the future, retail games. But Indie Game fans do not worry, we will always cover indie games on the site, I am so Indie I liked the River Thames before it was main stream 😉 Some things are still up in the air but everything will be considered with the visitors in mind.

Thanks for visiting and supporting the site and I hope you continue to do so! Also can I take the opportunity to thank staff members Bryan and Iggypu for their great work on the site since joining and also to Donskeeto, Trez and Matt for behind the scenes stuff.