JewelBeat Royalty Free Music

Producers on a tight (or no) budget often struggle with finding good resources to use in the productions such as videos, presentations and video games. Paying a graphics or music designer is out of the question, so Royalty Free music is becoming a popular option amongst many producers.

JewelBeat Royalty Free Music is a source of music and sound effects where permission has been granted to use in both free and commercial media such as Xbox Live Indie Games. There are over 800 completely free music and sound effect tracks, with more to be added soon that you can use and all that is required is a name and link to JewelBeat website in the credits of the production.

JewelBeat contains over 300 free royalty free music tracks which can be looped or merged together to create a longer piece. Themes include dramatic tracks which sound ideal for a Role Playing Game during a battle scene or a games cut scene, through to ethnic sound themes such as an Indian-Chinese Fusion and up beat dance tunes for something faster paced such as a shoot-em-up. There are plenty to choose from and there should be something to suit your production.

If you are looking for sound effects, there are a wide selection available to listen to and download via the site. You can use these as stand alone effects such as the Zap samples for gun fire or if you are more creative, add them in to a music creation software to create your own music. There are over 500 sound effects and musical effects to choose from, so again, there should be no issues finding something you require.

As mentioned, JewelBeat Royalty Free Music has good selection of completely free to use music and sound effects for commercial media but please do credit them as indicated on the site. All of the music and sound effects are available to download directly from the website, along with preview videos for some of the music tracks. More details on the free music and sound effects can be found on


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