Day 3 Giveaway Winners

Here are the winners of our third and final giveaway to celebrate the 2nd year of Gamergeddon.

Thanks to everyone for entering the three competitions and to all the developers that kindly donated codes for their games. We had a lot of fun hosting the giveaways and I hope you enjoyed thinking what your Godly power would be and why. I read through them all and there are some great and worrying replies! 🙂 We will do more giveaways in the future so please keep visiting and tell a friend or two about the site. The more people that enter future competitions – the bigger the prizes get.

Here are the winners from the Day 3 giveaway.

From Dust – Eric Starker (Facebook)
Balls – CoryMartinHimself (Code on our weekly XBLIG video), James Lockey (Facebook) and Brian Staulcup (Comments)
Extreme Jigsaw Madness – @Chumush (First to reply on Twitter), @crashinmatt79 and James Florence (Facebook)
HexyTrench – Victoria Crissman (First to reply on Facebook), James Campbell (Comments) and @averageoptimus
Grid Legion – @digitaIink and Jared Z (Comments)

Prizes will be sent out either by Twitter, Email or Facebook within the next hour. For Facebook you will receive a Message with the code from Dave Cole.

And if you missed the winners for the previous two days competitions you can find them below. All the below prizes have been sent out, if you have not already please reply to say you have redeemed the code.

Day One

Ms. Splosion Man – @Aerc
Swamp Defense – @JeffRand (Twitter code drop), Hunter S. Thompson (Facebook) and @ExplodingRat
A Frog Game – Mega15gio (Comments) and @RidingOnTheWind
3in1 Game compilation–  Jesse (Comments) and Cory Martin Himself (Facebook)
Ice Crush 10.000 B.C – The first code was posted on Facebook, someone redeemed it but did not say. Other winners are Grant L (Comments) and @IIBlazer

Day Two

Bastion – Gary S (Comments)
Sudo-Quick – @RainbowDerp and Travis Woodward (Comments)
Astroslugs – Astroslugs is currently free on the AppStore so the codes will be given away at a later date.
TIC- Part 1 –  Bipple Sheen (Facebook)
Pixelbit Helicopter Challenge – @GearsXXVeteran and Zach Weaver (Facebook)


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