SoulCalibur Impact UK/EU Finals

We headed down to the SoulCalibur Impact UK/EU finals tournament which took place in London over the weekend, find out who was crowned the champion.

The finals took place at the recently refurbished St Stephen’s Rosslyn Hill church in North London. The church was a great setting that wouldn’t look out of place in a video game. There were plenty of consoles to play the series – both old and new; from the Dreamcast classic up to the latest Soul Calibur V.

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The tournament was two events, first an open event to find the UK champion. After that the European finals (which included players from Australia). This included the UK champion who plays the other European entrants. The winner then goes to the grand finals next month. Got all that? Good.

Despite a late finish, the UK champion was found; Hyrul who then went on to play in the European finals. Hyrul was again crowned champion and will represent Europe in the grand final held in USA in April. Congratulations Hyrul (UK), and to Akire (France) and Trace_AFK (Spain) who took second and third places.

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The event was very well organised by the Namco staff, with plenty of games, food and drink throughout the day. As the evening drew on, the smell of hot food wafted through the hall tempting even the most die-hard players to queue up for the meat feast including ribs the size you could probably do battle with 🙂 Beer, ribs and video gaming, it doesn’t get better!

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None of the Gamergeddon staff would last five seconds against any of the tournament players so we held our own competition in ‘button bashing winner stays on’ tradition. I (Dave) was out in the first match so it was left to Aaron and Bradley to battle it out. Check out the video at the end of the page for the winner.

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None of the Gamergeddon staff were die-hard SoulCalibur fans but we came away with a new found interest in the game with plans to buy it to play online. Who knows, next year we could be in the tournament… well maybe not 🙂 It was a great day at the tournament, so thanks to all the Namco staff, tournament players and the fans who we had brief chats with.


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