Bingo in its original concept can be traced back to a game in Italy c.1530 called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. Over the hundreds of years, the game had grown throughout the world, you can even Play bingo (visit website) online. For example in Europe; tokens, playing cards, and calling out the numbers had been included to the game. Not just a game, it can also be a teaching aid, in Germany the game was widely used for educational purposes to teach children. Since then the game has grown in popularity and you can find the game everywhere.

Bingo, as we know it now, originated in the carnivals of the United States by Hugh J. Ward around the early 1920′s. He later copyrighted the word ‘Bingo’ and wrote a book defining the rules. The word Bingo has various theories on the origin of the name, many can be found here. One theory is said that one of the players called ‘Bingo’ instead of Beano. Another theory is that the word Bingo was used in Great Britain since the 1770′s and was inspired from this.

Bingo has become a worldwide favourite game and particularly online it is very popular. These games can offer higher rewards than local games. Young or old, the game can be played by all, with the very easy game rules that can be both enjoyable and competitive, and the quick nature of the game means it can be played in small gaps of time. A quick car journey or as a night in with friends.

Some years have passed since my first time playing the game but it still remains a holiday favourite when all the family are around. Everyone can participate together and not worry about there being too few or too many people. We take turns in being the announcer and create alternative calling names for a bit of fun. It is great fun and no holiday would be without it.