Explosive Alan – Visit them!

If you have not heard of Explosive Alan before, it is a website run by some of the ex UK Inside Xbox staff. Here is why you should visit them.

The Explosive Alan website was recently launched giving the gaming community a place to hang out and more importantly an opportunity to take part in the content produced. There are a few ways you can take part such as Homework, a regular show where a theme is decided by the staff. Fans can suggest a game, film and challenge based on the theme, the winning submissions are then discussed on the show. The show includes poor souls (aka guests) dragged in to complete challenges such as eating a box of chicken nuggets in under 5 minutes for the Greed theme (see below video).

Another opportunity for you to take part in are the Missions, such as the recent suggestion of the species of the Explosive Alan character and somewhere to post a picture of your Borderlands 2 character. On a more serious note are the Heart Pieces, articles submitted by the community, which talk about times in their life when gaming has meant something to them personally. There are some very heartfelt articles which are worth visiting the site alone for!

The staff are putting in a lot of effort to build up content and create a community, so if you have a few spare moments please check them out. You can find their site at, Facebook at and their Twitter account @explosive_alan.



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