Claimed as the strongest console in the world today, according to M88 Mobile as it is cited from HuffingtonPost, Xbox One X equipped with a variety of components that are specially designed so that this console cannot be said second to any. Then, will all the new power offered in this console will make it a success accepted by the market?

According to HuffingtonPost from M88 Mobile, In front of the screen, Microsoft’s latest console excess has a lot of potentials to bulldoze the other par competitors. However, it turns out there is something else behind that which actually makes the Xbox One X position to be threatened.

Is a claim on himself as the strongest console, judged by many as a thing that has been stale. The reason this is a strategy that is also applied to the first Xbox console. And unfortunately, the Xbox lost away from the PlayStation 2, its competitors at the time. Though it can be said, PlayStation 2 has a lower specification than Xbox.

The advantage of PlayStation over Xbox is the list of abundant games it has. Yes, they do have some exclusive titles on their respective consoles, but as quoted from Tech Radar, in comparison, the PlayStation 4 has about 1200 games with about 100 games is an exclusive title.

While Xbox One only has about 876 games with 30 exclusive game titles. Xbox One X does look awesome if we want to see it in terms of device specifications. However, keep in mind, the power of a device also needs to be supported by the number of game titles that will be present there.

Not only that, pushing and making component strength as the spearhead does not seem to be an entirely appropriate move, either for a console. The reason, this is certainly also a challenge even tend as a burden for the game developers.

Producing games with 4K quality and speed of 60 FPS is certainly not a cheap step. Especially when we talk about the console, not the PC. If you want to discuss this further, let us reflect on Nintendo who from time to time never promotes the strength of its components as their main strength.

Unlike Xbox One X, Nintendo prefers to experiment with its consoles to pursue the ultimate goal of playing the game is fun.