A role-playing video game commonly known as RPG is a video game genre where the player controls the actions of a character immersed in some well-defined world. RPGs can be far more interesting than other traditional games. Behind all the fantasy adventures, they allow you to be creative, solve mysteries and ultimately learn how to become a team player.
But what makes a great role-playing video game? Here are some of the of the elements that you need to look for when choosing your next RPG game.


Many great RPGs feature an outstanding setting. The game world is well-defined and its history, culture, races, geography, factions, and legends are well elucidated to inspire players and make them want to get involved. Even games which are very derivative can make for great-role-playing as long as the setting is well executed. Take Final Fantasy 15, for instance, the role-playing video game setting allows you to take on monsters as you guide Noctis, heir to the Lucian throne and a brooding hero from one challenge to the next as he tries to save his homeland. Quite interesting, right?


Exploration is undeniably a core feature of many RPGs. The game worlds take on a variety of shapes and sizes and the ones that are interactive and dynamic are usually more fun to explore and are preferred by players. If you can open doors or turn lights on and off, for example, the world will feel much more real. Similarly, a world with a realistic day and night cycle, dynamic weather, moving water, realistic scenery and all the appropriate ambient noises will feel much more alive and fun.

Character progression

Role-playing video games are character-eccentric. They have interesting characters and factions can be very attractive to players. Even more so when your characters have balanced skill sets allowing you to have plenty of options. While some games allow players to develop their own characters, others such as the Final Fantasy 15 assign pre-made characters with the aim of telling a specific story. Players can still choose their preferred character from Noctis, Cindy, Lunafreya, and a variety of other characters in the largest open-world MMO in the series.


Quests give your character a reason to get out and explore the world, and using your skills, progress and make an impact on the game world. Games with more quests are more fun, take longer to complete and allow your character to progress more. Generally speaking, the better the quests, the better the RPG.


Compared to non-RPG video games, RPGs typically offer the widest range of gameplay options and give you access to a variety of ways to complete your quests. This is in addition to driving, forming relationships with NPCs and engaging in other non-combat activities like shopping. The more gameplay options an RPG gives you, the easier it is to immerse yourself in the world.
Generally, a great RPG will have a well-defined setting, a good story arc, great gameplay varieties and is big on consequential choices. Whether it’s exploring, making tactical decisions to win a battle or upgrading your gear, your decisions can significantly affect your character’s progression.