Let’s face it, jobs are boring. Sitting around, or even standing around for hours on end doing something you don’t particularly enjoy. Not exactly the most exciting thing. But what if you could make money from doing something you do enjoy, such as playing video games? Well you’d be surprised at just how much money you can make.

With the massive growth of online gaming over the past several years it’s becoming easier and easier to make money playing video games. Originally, the only way was to join an eSports team or enter a gaming competition to win money. However, nowadays there are several ways a gamer can make some quick cash.

To help you pocket some extra money, we’re looking at the top ways to make money playing video games. From eSports to steaming, we’ve got everything to set you on the right money-making path. Let’s begin with how to make money competing in eSports tournaments.


Almost unheard of in the early 90’s eSports has grown into a massive multi-billion dollar industry thanks to the increase in video games and improvements in technology. Today, millions of players tune in to watch eSport events such as the DOTA 2 International and the League of Legends World Championships. With new games releasing their own annual tournaments every year, eSports is only going to get bigger.

To make money with eSports, you need to be very good at a specific game. If you want to make some serious money competing in eSports tournaments, then you need to be the best of the best. Since most cash prizes are only awarded to the top 3 teams, if you’re planning on making a good salary then you need to win. With some 1st place prizes ranging in the millions, there is definitely an incentive to do so.

However, eSports can be too competitive and is not for everyone; luckily there are other ways to make money by playing video games.


One of the most popular ways to make money playing games outside of entering eSports competitions is streaming. Popular streaming websites such as Twitch.tv have transformed the gaming industry, and gamers can now earn thousands a month playing the games they love. Since streaming doesn’t really cost anything, most streamers can start with just a PC and webcam.

Fans of streamers often donate money to sponsor their channel. This is primarily how a lot of streamers earn their income. Other methods include paid advertising and sponsored ads. Considering it’s a lot less stressful than relying on winning competitions, streaming is an excellent way for gamers to make money. If you’re serious about making money playing video games, then streaming is where it is at.

Elo Boosting

If you’re really good at playing a game but don’t want to be in the public eye, then you can make a lot of money from boosting. Elo boosting is when a skilled player plays another player’s account in order to increase their rank. Since being a high rank unlocked various rewards and in-game prizes, a lot of players will pay good money to get to that rank.

Prices for elo boosting can depend on the game and can vary from $3 an hour to $100+ if you’re really skilled. If you’re looking for some quick cash that’s worth your time then just contact elo boosters. There are plenty of them out there for various games and they’re always looking for new boosters.

Leveling Accounts

The final way to make money by playing video games is to level up smurf accounts. Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of gamers out there that are looking to buy a League of Legends account. Since playing competitive matches often requires the player to be a certain level, a lot of players will skip the leveling and buy an account. This means they can jump straight into the ranked games and not have to worry about doing the tutorial again.

With so many smurf account sellers out there for different games, getting a job as a leveler isn’t hard. You can casually play games and make money, sweet!