The Online Slot Machine

It was the success of Charles Fey’s iconic invention, the celebrated Liberty Bell, that first revealed the fun to be had on slot machines. The idea behind it was relatively simple: plucky gamblers inserted a coin, pulled a lever and watched 3 reels spin with their fingers crossed.

Over a hundred years later, it is this simple premise that stands behind the slots still entertaining gamblers across the world. But thanks to rapid advancements in technology, and the emergence of internet casinos somewhere in the mid-nineties, slot games online are now available to showcase bonus features, graphics and gameplay the old Liberty Bell could only dream of. Take NetEnt’s exciting series of rock-inspired slots for example; Guns N Roses and Jimi Hendrix boast visuals to rival the latest console games, as well as sonically-superb soundtracks to engage all the senses.

And no longer are slots limited to 3 reels and a solitary payline; the popular online game 100 Pandas, as the title suggests, provides a whopping 100 paylines (that’s 100 possible ways to win!) and 5 reels (what’s now considered to be average amongst casino players).

Whilst these developments are obviously exciting, it does mean that finding your way around a modern slot machine can prove a little tricky. And if you’re casino newbie looking to have your first spin online, it’s definitely worth getting clued up on the basics beforehand.

From knowing where to find the paytable (an important thing for any win-hungry gambler), to being able to recognise the key difference between your line bet and your total bet, this handy guide should get you up to speed with the features of the latest online slot machines.



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