Growth potential of online games in 2018

This is an era where by just owning a mobile, you can play almost any game to while away your free time. You do not need anyone to accompany you as well. Even when you play Rummy online for real money, you can just do it sitting in your drawing room comfortably all alone. That is the beauty of the internet world, which has put online games in the top most pedestal compared to the other games, especially in India. So, how does the growth potential of online games look like in 2018? Is it going to surge further or going to face a steady decline? Let us now see the same in detail.

As it stands today, it will take not less than a miracle to see online games hitting a low even for a brief period of time in 2018 and there are enough reasons for it.

Increase in the sale of mobile phones:

The popularity of online mobile games is primarily because of the advent of smartphones. In fact, it would only be an understatement to say that the smartphones are tailor-made to play online games. So, when the interest in buying smartphones is on the rise in India, how can the popularity of online games be anything different? It is expected that India will have 500 million smartphones by the end of this year thus becoming the second largest smartphone market in the world out of which 350 million people may be using data packs like 3G and 4G. How good is that for a conversion rate! People who consume data packs spend 7 to 10 percent of his mobile time on games. In addition to it, as per statistics released by Internet and Mobile Association of India, India has also the third fastest growing mobile app market in the world next to USA and Europe. So, where is the question of recession when it comes to the popularity of online mobile games in 2018? Highly impossible isn’t it?

Advent of real money games:

As if the growth of online games needs any help, the real money games like Rummy and Poker have only added to their increasing popularity. These games are not just played for entertainment like the other online games. It is in fact played more for winning real cash. The time spent on any particular activity should be meaningful and worthy enough so that you can have a satisfaction of having achieved something. The feeling of contentment can be gained when you play real cash games. You can never feel deprived of playing games like online Rummy and Poker regularly as you will always have a chance of winning some amount of cash. Who would not love to pocket some amount of money when all he or she needs to do is to invest a bit of gaming skill at the end of the day? In fact, one can say that these real money games have revolutionised the online gaming world. This is very much true as far as India is concerned where the registrations are growing manifold on online Rummy and Poker sites each day. This is probably why it is highly unlikely to see the online games showing any indifferent growth in the near future.

Heavy competition in sports:

Living in a highly populated country like India, it is a dream for every Indian to represent the nation in any game or sport. For many though, it remains just a dream as it is highly impossible for everyone to play games like Cricket or Football where a team can accommodate only fixed number of players. So, there is only one alternative available for them to cherish their dream and that is to play those sports online. These highly popular sports are available online as fantasy games. The dream that you could not realise due to heavy completion outside has been brought to life thanks to these games played on mobiles where you can experience the satisfaction of scoring a century or winning a “golden boot.”

Bollywood love:

Indians are generally film buffs who love their heroes on the screen. They worship their heroes’ action sequences. Well, not all can become heroes or can become a cricketer, isn’t it? Several games are available online where you can find your favourite Bollywood hero doing many adventurous action sequences. For instance, who can forget India’s one of the box office hits – Bahubali? As it turned out, the moment this movie has appeared as a fantasy game, people have got hooked on to it.

So, we can safely conclude that the growth of online gaming, forget about 2018, looks completely immovable for the next decade or so.  



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