eSports Betting Markets for Beginners

Ever since eSports started becoming part of the betting offer in almost all reputable bookmakers around the world, the number of betting markets given for an eSports match or tournament increased with every passing day.

These days an eSports match can have as many as thirty or forty different betting markets and betting propositions and all of these can be even further subdivided if the eSports event in question is a particularly important one.

However, not all bookmakers offer punters the chance to bet on this many markets and that’s why it is always important to choose the best eSports bookmaker for you. There are many websites such as which provide valuable information on how to choose the right eSports bookmaker, and any advice on this subject is always welcome for betting beginners.

In this article we will focus on three of the most important eSports betting markets for betting beginners. These are the three most basic markets which are given for all eSports games and before you start betting you should definitely make sure that you understand them.

The Match Winner Market

The match winner market is the most basic and straightforward of them all. In this market a punter has to guess the winner of the match and usually is given only two options (a third one can also be given if the match can end in a draw).

Most punters start wagering by trying out their knowledge and luck on this market, because it doesn’t require any in-depth knowledge of betting and the only thing which they should do is guess which team will win the match.

Totals Markets

The totals markets come in various different shapes and sizes. As the name itself implies, the punter has the choice of choosing between two options: the Under and Over option.

For example, if the punter is betting on a Counter Strike: Global Offensive match between Cloud9 and FaZe Clan, two of the best CS:GO teams, he can choose from one of several totals markets. These include the total number of maps being played, the total number of kills in the match, the total number of kills in a given map and so on.

Outright Winner

The outright winner market deals with the potential winner of a given tournament. Unlike the previous two types of markets, the outright winner market is not about a specific match and is only concerned with which team or player will win a specific tournament or event once it has finished.

Most of the outright winner markets are closed after the tournament has started, but some remain open and the bookmaker adjusts the odds for each team according to their performances and results in the tournament.

If you are a beginner in betting, this is probably one of the best betting markets for you, because with only one bet you will get to follow the whole tournament, observe how each team is playing, and learn lots of new things which will help you in your eSports wagers in the future.



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