Rummy is synonymous with both fun and its cash prizes too. Earlier, people played rummy at some obscure games club or at family get-togethers or events. Here, the cash involved was a small amount. However, these days, with online rummy people can earn attractive cash rewards in multiple ways. It also an interesting and legal way to earn extra cash by doing what you are good at – playing rummy.

If you know how to play rummy online here’s a round-up of the important 6 ways of earning cash playing online rummy. Bet you, it can’t get any better than this.


  1. Avail welcome bonus
    As a gesture of their appreciation, rummy sites offer welcome bonuses to users who register with their sites. If you are new to playing online rummy, then such welcome bonuses would surely motivate you to play more. You could redeem the welcome bonus when to begin playing cash games.
  2. Freerolls
    This is the easiest way to get started playing cash rummy. These freerolls tournaments are free to join but reward you with real cash prizes. Although the cash prizes are small in value, they undoubtedly help you build your confidence for cash games and get its hang. The freerolls may be hourly, daily or weekly games. You may choose from the different variants of the game such as points, pool or deals rummy and start earning small cash prizes. Such free cash rummy games help you build your confidence to play bigger tournaments in the days to come.
  3. Cash games
    Although these games have a nominal entry fee, the cash prizes involved are very lucrative. These are short duration and quick-paced games making it extremely convenient for players who have little time at their disposal. Again, you may choose from the different variants of the game and set out earning cash. Players with considerable experience choose to playonline rummy for cash.
  4. Referral bonus
    In order to encourage more and more people to play rummy, referral bonuses are provided by the rummy sites. You may rope in your family or friends and play for cash rummy online by forming your own circle of rummy friends. By this way, you are able to carry over the offline magic and fun of rummy to the online space and have unlimited entertainment with your known group.
  5. Rummy Tournaments
    When it comes to winning the big moolah, nothing can beat the value of the pool amount of rummy tournaments. These tournaments take a bitlonger time and attract the best rummy players in terms of their participation. The competition apart, the huge rewards make it very interesting to play rummy for cash prizes.
  6. Offers and promotions
    Apart from these rummy sites also announce festive offers and special promotions that are as attractive as the rummy tournaments. You may make the best use of these offers and promotions and earn some extra cash.

Earn while you enjoy playing rummy
The attractive cash prizes have been one of the pivotal reasons responsible for the growing popularity of rummy games. Make hay when the sun shines!