The Adrenaline Rush You Get From Playing Online Casino Games

When it comes to avid fans of online slots (and casino games in general), Europeans are among the biggest. For example, in recent years, Norway has witnessed an explosion in online poker, with many fans hooked to video slots as well.

Scandinavia has emerged as one of the biggest markets for the online casino industry in recent times. Thousands of Norwegians enjoy spending their free time gambling at online casinos like and the adrenaline rush of playing new online games is definitely a big factor behind it. We can’t deny it – playing an exciting video slot or another kind of casino game online comes with a number of positive benefits and is far more exciting than visiting a crowded casino.

With the online casino industry growing by the minute, new slots and casino games are produced every week, mostly by Netent – the biggest online casino games provider There are literally thousands of video slots you can play online, with themes ranging from TV shows and music bands to sports and celebrities. There’s something for everyone’s taste, so your options aren’t limited. Plus, some slots are so good that they’ll draw you in to spin the reels time and time again, raising your chances of winning big.

Once you see 3 same symbols on a reel, your heart will definitely skip a beat. The adrenaline rush of playing online games is not a myth. It’s the thing that keeps you going further, risking it all for a great payout that will bring you closer to the immortal casino legends.

Since their expansion to online casinos, fruit machines have become even more popular than before. Millions of players are hitting the spin button on thousands of video slots every day hoping they’ll be the lucky one to land the jackpot. If there’s one game with a huge fan base in Norway, it’s definitely video slots. According to estimates, more than 65% of Norway’s gross gaming revenue comes from slots, which means Norwegians love them.

As part of Scandinavia, it’s obvious that Norse mythology slots are quite popular in Norway. Take a look at Viking Runecraft for example – the 7×7 slot features Norse symbols on the reels and has no fixed paylines. The Nordic letters inscribed on the reels and the golden wilds make for a unique experience, and the bonus features (The Fury of Fenrir, The Scorching of Surtr, The Lure of Loki, and Ragnarok) are a great homage to everything we know and love about the mystical Norse mythology.

Besides the slots based on Norse mythology, there are a lot of other great slots you can pick from, often featuring great graphics and gameplay that create an immersive experience. A nice 3D slot with great graphics is enough to get your heart racing, especially if you win a few hands. This is why online games are so popular nowadays despite the strict gaming laws in some countries. They offer a break from everyday stress and also give you a chance of winning big, so why not give them a try?


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