Integrated Slots in Video Games

Video games are challenging, ambitious, complex and of course, fun. They have come a long way from the 70’s when arcade games were dominating. Meanwhile, the slot machines are much older. Their origins are traced back in the 19th century, the first of its kind was developed in New York by Sittman and Pitt company, in 1891.

Games require powerful devices

Nowadays, both have evolved greatly, video games are so popular, they had spread towards social media. Of course, there is still a big demand for them in the end-game desktop developers. Every year, new and more powerful video cards are released in order to satisfy the need of playing newer games with demanding graphics. However, the casino games did not stay behind either. You might be used with them by visiting local casinos or slots bars, but they had spread towards the web as well, so gamblers don’t have to walk every day for a little bit of fun. Of course, playing them on specific devices like smartphones, tablets or PCs, don’t need to be the latest products, but an increased memory RAM or powerful processors are still required. Apps are getting updated pretty often, and as long as you want a smooth gameplay, without experiencing  thermal throttle issues you would need a pretty powerful rig. I’m sure you did notice that casino games had got into well-known video games out there. What I did notice is that besides poker, roulette and blackjack, there are also the slots, most of them having a fruit theme as well.

Sizzling Hot, Fallout: New Vegas, Yakuza 6 and Saints Row

The most well-known slot game that has a fruit theme is Sizzling Hot. The game is so well known that you see it in every casino out there. In order to sustain the popularity, the developer company Novomatic had updated the game into a Deluxe edition, offering better graphics than its predecessor. The theme with fruits had gone into the video games as well. For example, games like Fallout: New Vegas, had integrated the slots in-game. There is actually a location called Sierra Madre Casino. The main floor of the casino has gaming tables, slot machines where you can actually play on them, the machines look very similar to the old ones back in 19th century, but hey, it has fruits as well, thanks to Sizzling Hot. In-game you can also play blackjack and roulette, as long as you activate the power in the casino. Another video game is the Yakuza 6, the Tokyo’s red light district is the same as the real one. The company that developed the game, Sega, added a great attention to details from real life in the game. In-game, you can actually explore and interact at the various gambling halls that are found in Kamuorocho. You can find familiar casino games like Blackjack, Poker and a ton of Japanese specifics like Koi-Koi and Cho-Han, which can teach players quite a bit about Asian gambling. We will not take Grand Theft Auto into consideration, but Saints Row will be the one to take the seat instead. Saints Row is a series of open-world video games. The gameplay consists in an open world format with a mixture of action-adventure sequences. The well-known casinos in-game are 3 Count Casino, Poseidon’s Palace and Crash Landing Bar which are found in Saint Row II, III and IV. In Saint Rows II, you are able to play Blackjack and Poker, while the slots, even though they are available in-game, they cannot be interacted with.

Last words

With so many options it’s impossible to ever get bored. Casino games and video games evolve together with technology. If you don’t feel like accessing an online casino, it is enough to play open-world games, where you can interact with the in-game casino and have some fun like a gambler has.  


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