The reasons that most influenced the success of RuneScape

RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) marketed by Jagex. This videogame is recognized for being currently the most played MMORPG in history (proven by the Guinness Record) with more than 200 million accounts created so far.

RuneScape was created by Andrew Gower, the creator of DeviousMUD, predecessor of RuneScape, in 1998. Once rewritten and renamed, the first version of RuneScape was released to the public on January 4, 2001 in beta version. It has the option to play for free and the option to pay membership and has two versions: RuneScape 3 and RuneScape Old School.

Something that catches the attention of RuneScape is the incredible fact that despite having 18 active years, this video game has never lost popularity over time, instead, it has maintained it despite everything and more and more players are joining RuneScape, in addition to many players who had left the game, have now been reintegrated.

It is very curious to see how other MMORPG newer and better technical specifications, currently are ghost zones, or have small number of connected players. Contrary to all the above, RuneScape is an MMORPG with classic graphics, a simple gameplay and no technical advantage to highlight, but even so, it is normal to see more than 100-200 thousand players connected at the same time. The amazing success and popularity that RuneScape has achieved throughout its history is an achievement that has occurred for many reasons that need to be analyzed, and that is what will be done next.

RuneScape is a pioneer in video games that owns or starts many of the elements that characterize a good MMORPG: A huge world where players can freely explore all its regions, different skills that will allow us to improve in the game and get money, a huge amount of monsters, a lot of very varied missions, among many other things. To all this it is necessary to emphasize the fact that RuneScape has known to carry each one of these aspects in an incredible and attentive way, so much that in spite of being 18 years old, its formula continues being successful and very competent opposite to other more current MMORPG.

The same popularity of RuneScape has also served to improve its gameplay in an indirect way, since there are many active players at the same time makes the world of Gielinor always full of population, and this aspect helps to give life to each of its cities, and also makes there is much chat. Everything is very much to the liking of RuneScape players.

Among all the aspects that make RuneScape a good game, it is without a doubt its Playability. RuneScape has a very simple and easy to understand gameplay, but what stands out most is undoubtedly the enormous amount of things that can be done in the game with complete freedom, and along with this, the almost unlimited ways of playing.

RuneScape currently has more than 25 different skills, each with its own personality and progress, so much so that it is possible to spend hours and hours of play just concentrating on improving each skill. If you want to, you can play as a warrior who fulfills missions, eliminates monsters and becomes stronger and stronger, or you can be a tree planter and cutter who sell the raw material he produces. In RuneScape you have the freedom to play the way you want.

One attraction that RuneScape has always possessed is its commerce. The Grand Exchange has managed to evolve the world of trading in video games because this exchange market has a colossal number of players interested in getting several items at the best price and also a large number of players with plans to make money selling their items in order to generate profits. Currently the Grand Exchange has become a complex fluctuating market where the prices of the items change constantly depending on their supply and demand.

Another successful market at RuneScape, is its Gold business where in exchange for real money, you can buy a certain amount of Runescape Gold or Old School Runescape Gold (OSRS Gold) from the game. The business of selling and buying Gold at RuneScape is in great demand due to the large number of players who want large sums of money from the game in a simpler way and that way they can more comfortably focus on their own way of playing.

Part of the popularity and success of RuneScape is due to the return of many of its former players today. Being a fairly long-lived game it is normal that many of its first players at some point have left RuneScape, but this fact turned out to be an advantage because to this day, both in Runescape and in RuneScape Old School you can find many old players who after many years have returned to the game and have been pleased with its current improvements. But the most attractive aspect for returning players is undoubtedly the feature that RuneScape has to keep all the progress that each player has made with his character.

So, no matter how long someone has left the game, you can be sure that when you return, all your progress will remain the same, and that’s something Jagex should be thanked for.

One last important aspect that undoubtedly influenced the success of RuneScape, is the advantage of being able to play this video game without having to download it, as it is played on the Web, an advantage that makes the game more accessible to everyone. Along with this aspect, you can add that RuneScape does not need a powerful PC to play it (even a very old PC could run it without problems), because it does not need many requirements thanks to its classic look, so there are no excuses to try it.

Analyzing the reasons for RuneScape’s success, one can conclude that this is a high quality video game with unlimited possibilities that thanks to its pleasant way of playing, this has earned its place as one of the most played MMORPG in history. The success of this video game has been remarkable since its inception as a pioneer of the genre, as at present, thanks to the fact that this is a game that has adapted with improvements over time. All these aspects make RuneScape an MMORPG that no matter how much time you invest; you will not end up bored.


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