Review: Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood

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This holiday season has brought us two shiny new gaming consoles and with them a limited library of new games for our enjoyment. For those of us itching for a new gen puzzle-platformer we have been out of luck…

SteelSeries Siberia Elite – Anniversary Edition Launches December 28th

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SteelSeries is launching the anniversary edition of their popular Siberia headset next in under a week. Got some Christmas money coming? You can preorder it here!

Plantronics Rig Headset Review

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The Plantronics Rig is a combination headset; a headset for gaming and an everyday set of high fidelity headphones. Seeing as I was in the market for a new headset I jumped at the chance to review this unique…

Contrast Review

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Contrast is a puzzle platformer in a 1920’s themed setting, featuring a young girl named Didi and her friend Dawn.The game starts with Didi sneaking out of bed and into a nightclub where she finds that her family life…

Master Reboot Review

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Our review of excellent adventure/exploration game, Master Reboot, from Wales Interactive… oh and it has cards too! Spoiler free.

Rise of Venice Review

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Rise of Venice is a great, slow paced, mercantile strategy game published by Kalypso.

Preview: SNOW (Steam, Early Access)

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Welcome to the mountain everyone. SNOW is one of those games that instantly caught my eye when I saw it on the Steam store. Poppermost Productions drops on top of the world in this new early access Steam title.

Steam Marines review

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“In space no one can hear you scream” goes the famous film quote. They might just hear you scream after playing this intentionally hard roguelike game. Steam Marines is a roguelike set onboard a ship that has been attacked.…

COD: Ghosts – Live Action Trailer, Epic Night Out

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Want to enjoy an Epic Night Out? Then watch this new live-action trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts thanks to Activision. Directed by James Mangold and featuring Megan Fox,  watch four buddies on the trip of a lifetime through…

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Free Fall Trailer

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Yet another new video for the upcoming COD sequel, Call of Duty: Ghosts. This new trailer shows the action on a downloaded map known as Free Fall. Check it out below.

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