Astro A40 2011 edition headset and Mixamp review

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The Astro A40 2011 bundle is aimed at the professional gamer with a high-end price tag of $250 to match. The bundle consists of two main pieces of hardware; the Astro A40 2011 headset and the Astro Mixamp. Astro…

Xbox Indie Game Round Up – Episode 60

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Nine new Xbox Indie Game releases and three updated titles in this weeks Indie Games Round Up.

Section 8: Prejudice Review

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Section 8 launched as a retail game in 2009 with mixed reviews due to some flaws in the game. TimeGate Studios took the brave decision to release a sequel straight to XBLA, PSN, and PC for $15. Has it…

Yar’s Revenge Review

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In 1981, Yar’s Revenge was released on the Atari 2600, and soon became one of the most successful games on the console. Thirty years on, Atari has released an updated version of the best-selling title. Yar’s Revenge on the…

SteelSeries SCOPE by GUNNAR Optiks Review

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GUNNAR Optiks and SteelSeries are working together and thanks to them we’re bringing you our review on their very popular digital performance eyewear, SteelSeries Scope by GUNNAR Optiks.

Nintendo 3DS and launch games review

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The 3DS is the latest Nintendo console to offer 3D gaming without the need for glasses. They failed in the 90’s with the Virtual Boy, which made people sick after playing and suffered from a lack of decent games. …

Xbox Indie Game Round Up – April 19th

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This week sees 12 new Xbox Indie Game releases and 10 updates including Udder Chaos, Brain Jump and Starzzle.

Pinball FX2 MARS Review/Impressions

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If you’ve ever wanted to be in the shoes of Douglas Quaid and travel to MARS, now’s your chance. Zen Studios has seamlessly added another new table into Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE Arcade. How well does it stack…

Roxio Game Capture Review

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The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is now available, read our review here. Ever had that great kill in a game and nobody was around to witness it? While some games have built-in Theatre modes they are few and…

PowerUp Heroes coming to Kinect

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Avatar games have grown in popularity over recent years, and Ubisoft is joining the ranks with the production of PowerUp Heroes, a full-body motion-based combat title which will be exclusively for Kinect.

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