Atlus Releases Mahjong Cub3d Trailer

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Personally, I like Mahjong games and I’m quite interested in playing a 3D version of the classic puzzle game. Thanks to Atlus, we now get a taste of what we can expect from Mahjong Cub3d on 3DS with this…

Shinobi – The Legend Returns on 3DS!

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It’s been years since fans of Shinobi has a true 2D title in the series, and now it’s on the way to the Nintendo 3DS. In its classic 2D side-scrolling style, Shinobi will be presented in 3D (optional) on…

Nintendo Download – May 23rd

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This weeks Nintendo Download includes Overflow on WiiWare and Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on DSiWare.

X-Men: Destiny – Grant

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Get to know Grant, one of the characters in Marvel Entertainment and Activisions X-Men: Destiny.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Review

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It seems as though Lego games are ever growing in popularity. With their iconic humour, addictive gameplay and reminiscent charm it’s easy to see why. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean takes you on a voyage of discovery through familiar…

Nintendo Download – May 16th

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This weeks Nintendo Download includes Lead the Meerkats and Chrono Trigger.

SEGA announces CRUSH3D for 3DS

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SEGA announce their latest 3DS game, a puzzle platformer called CRUSH3D.

Conduit 2 Review

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The first Conduit game came out on the Wii a few years back with an almost unheard of internet buzz amongst Nintendo fans. The developers promised Xbox 360 matching visuals and gameplay to rival Halo. Unfortunately, the game failed…

Nintendo Download – May 9th

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This weeks Nintendo Download includes MDK2 on WiiWare and Whack-A-Friend and DSi.

Family Game Night 4 coming this autumn

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EA announce that the popular Family Game Night will be heading to the Wii, Xbox 360 (Kinect) and PlayStation 3 (Move) this autumn.

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