UK Nintendo Store downloads

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This weeks new releases on the UK Nintendo Store include VVVVVV, Sonic Labyrinth and Wonder Boy in Monster Land.

We Sing Pop! live action trailer

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The live action trailer for We Sing Pop is now out, the game features artists including Adele, Jessie J and Florence + The Machine.

We Sing Pop review

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It seems like only yesterday that I was playing We Sing Rock. Although not a fan of this type of game, I gave it a pretty good score for the fact that I actually had a good laugh playing…

Nintendo European Store Downloads – March 12th

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This weeks downloads for the European Nintendo Store include Metroid, Strider and Battle of the Elements.

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle trailer and screenshots

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Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle sets sail on March 16th for Playstation 3, PC, Nintendo Wii and DS.

Tekken 3D – Prime Editon review

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The 3DS is home two brilliant beat-em ups already. With Dead or Alive and Street Fighter proving that Nintendo’s handheld can compete with console cousins. Now another huge fighting franchise has arrived on the scene. Can Tekken 3D compete…

UK Nintendo eShop updates – 20th February

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This weeks UK Nintendo eShop updates include a nintendogs + cats demo on 3DS and Newton Vs The Horde on Wii.

UK Nintendo eShop updates – 6th February

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This weeks UK Nintendo eShop updates include Kirby’s Block Ball on 3DS and BurgerTime World Tour on the Wii.

UK Nintendo eShop updates

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Releases this week include the classic Kid Icarus in 3D, Castle Conqueror Against and Pinball Pulse for the 3DS.

We Sing Rock review

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The Wii has seen hundreds of party, singing, minigame compilations, dancing, zumba and the like appearing in the last few years. Usually I despise this type of game and feel hatred for ruining my fav console. Now We Sing…

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