Xbox Deal of the Week: Gears of War 3

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This weeks Xbox deal of the week are discounts on Gears of War 3 DLC and avatar gear.

Sine Mora release date and ‘From Dust to Dust’ trailer

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The shootemup Sine Mora gets a release date of March 21st and will cost 1,200 :MSPoints:

Shoot Many Robots – Evolution video

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A new video for Shoot Many Robots shows the evolution of the game.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier “Believe in Ghosts” Episode 1

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The first in a series of episodes of Believe in Ghosts features former Navy SEAL sniper/scout Richard “Mack” Machowicz talking about the deadly edge Future Soldiers use to gain the unfair advantage.

XBLA Wednesday: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

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The XBLA House Party continues this week with the return of Alan Wake, this time he is having an American Nightmare.

Xbox Deal of the Week: Fable III

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This weeks Xbox Deal of the Week are discounts on Fable III DLC.

Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back trailer

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A new trailer for Mass Effect 3 shows the attack on Earth and the fight to get it back.

Xbox Indie Game Round Up – Episode 141

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Still lost on the dashboard looking for the Xbox Indie Games? Look no more as we cover the best releases over the past two weeks!

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Dev Diary 03

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The third and final developers diary for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is now online.

XBLA Wednesday: Warp

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This years XBLA House Party kicks off with the puzzle based stealth action game Warp.

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