ARK: Survival Evolved Receives Big Console Patch | PS4 & Xbox One

ARK is one of coolest games I've played this generation. Sure, it's a sandbox game and there are but this one just has so much to do in a very unique world. In addition, I've never seen a developer spend so much time pushing out updates as this team seems to do. Check out the details below to see what's included in this new update, along with a new trailer showcasing it. (more…)
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Super Bomberman R Gets Free DLC | Nintendo Switch

Super Bomberman R is probably the 2nd best game available on the Nintendo Switch (Until the release of Mario Kart Deluxe, I imagine), so free DLC is a more than welcome addition to all players. In addition to the DLC listed below, the game has also been patched to run at 60FPS, at the cost of a decrease in resolution. Everything has a price, but this one is a very worthwhile price and we're happy to see it. (more…)
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