SteelSeries SCOPE by GUNNAR Optiks Review

GUNNAR Optiks and SteelSeries are working together and thanks to them we’re bringing you our review on their very popular digital performance eyewear, SteelSeries Scope by GUNNAR Optiks.
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If you’re anything like me then you may be thinking “How would a pair of tinted glasses improve a game?” Surprisingly enough the SteelSeries Scope glasses really do enhance a game, but it may take a little getting used to. Besides the obvious magnification of everything seen through these lenses, the glasses have a yellowish tint that truly helps to sharpen images and improve the color contrast in both games and movies.

According to GUNNAR, this you can expect the following benefits of wearing GUNNAR Optiks digital performance eyewear:

• An increase in visual resolution
• An increase in contrast
• Sharper, clearer vision
• A reduction in glare and reflective light
• A decrease in eye fatigue
• Higher humidity levels surrounding the eyes
• A reduction in the negative effects related to dry eyes
• An increase in effectiveness, productivity and performance

In some of the basic arcade titles I play on PSN and Xbox 360, I can’t honestly say I noticed a huge difference, but at the same time many of those games are not graphic intensive. When I tried out the SteelSeries Scope eyewear while playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 I was instantly impressed by the difference. Immediately you’ll notice the colors appear deeper and brighter from the grass or dirt along with sharper backgrounds around the map.

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As mentioned, the yellowish tint can cause some things to look a little unnatural but this will change from game to game. Sometimes it’s a big improvement, other times not so much. It really depends on what you’re playing or watching.

The level of comfort will differ for everyone when dealing with any kind of eyewear. The SteelSeries Scope glasses are extremely lightweight, and the arms wrap around the sides of your head, plus the lenses are rather wide and cover a large viewing angle. Personally, I have a large head (huge, active brain, you know, that sort of thing) and the glasses are a little on the tight side, but because of the light build design it’s not really uncomfortable for me. If you don’t wear prescription eyewear, you may find the weight on the bridge of your nose slightly irritating after long periods of time, but you’ll become accustomed to it. Speaking of prescription eyewear… you’re not being left out! You can visit the GUNNAR Prescription Program Page to get yourself set up with these cool lenses.

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The GUNNAR Optiks have various types of tints on them and they use what is called i-AMP technology which is basically a mix of various technologies with a ‘cool name’. If you’re a techie and want to know the inside details… here’s a list of what i-AMP includes:

  • diAMIX lens material
  • fRACTYL lens geometry

‐Neoscopic tuned for near distance viewing environments

  • i‐FI lens coating
  • iONIC lens tints

‐AMBeR lens tint
‐CRyTAL lens tint (specifically designed for tasks/duties that require an equally balanced color spectrum ie. true color for graphic designers)
‐Gradient GoLD lens tint
‐Gradient GReY lens tint

SteelSeries Scope are definitely an enhancement for gamers that enjoy titles like Battlefield, Call of Duty, and other fast-paced action titles, and while they won’t necessarily make you a better gamer, they can make the visual side of things better and easier, therefore possibly improving your skills afterwards. In the US, you’ll find GUNNAR Optiks at Best Buy, Microcenter, and select Play-N-Trade locations. Online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg are a popular choice as well.

If you pick a pair up from Best Buy prior to April 30, 2011, you qualify for a mail-in rebate using the following form: SteelSeries SCOPE Rebate Form.

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Are they worth $99.99? Personally I don’t think I could do it at that price. At $69.99 I’d likely be more inclined to accept the purchase. However, the SCOPE eyewear is quite effective, and definitely improves your overall experience with gaming, movies, or even just staring at a computer screen (in fact, I’m wearing the glasses as I type this). If you like having all the best equipment and love having the coolest gadgets on the market pick yourself up a pair of the SteelSeries SCOPE digital performance eyewear.


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