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Just under two weeks now until you can get your hands on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. There shouldn’t any real spoilers here but you might get an idea of what you can do in the game by checking out the trophy list for the upcoming adventure title.


Sekiro trophy
All trophies have been unlocked.

Man Without Equal trophy
Defeated all bosses

Ashina Traveler trophy
Traveled to all areas of the game

Master of the Prosthetic trophy
Upgraded all Prosthetic Tools to their limit

Height of Technique trophy
Acquired all skills

All Prosthetic Tools trophy
Acquired all Prosthetic Tools

All Ninjutsu Techniques trophy
Acquired all Ninjutsu Techniques

Peak Physical Strength trophy
Upgraded Vitality and Posture to their limit

Ultimate Healing Gourd trophy
Fully upgraded the “Healing Gourd”

Immortal Severance trophy
Attained the “Immortal Severance” ending

Purification trophy
Attained the “Purification” ending

Dragon’s Homecoming trophy
Attained the “Return” ending

Shura trophy
Attained the “Shura” ending

Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina trophy
Defeated “Sword Saint Isshin Ashina”

Master of the Arts trophy
Grasped the inner mysteries of any combat style

Lazuline Upgrade trophy
Used Lapis Lazuli to upgrade any tool to its limit

Revered Blade trophy
Received the “Kusabimaru” from Kuro

Shinobi Prosthetic trophy
Acquired the Shinobi Prosthetic

Memorial Mob trophy
Encountered the Memorial Mob

Resurrection trophy
Returned from the dead using “Resurrection” for the first time

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa trophy
Defeated “Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa”

The Phantom Lady Butterfly trophy
Defeated “Lady Butterfly”

Genichiro Ashina trophy
Defeated “Genichiro Ashina”

Guardian Ape trophy
Defeated the “Guardian Ape”

Guardian Ape Immortality Severed trophy
Used the Mortal Blade to sever the Guardian Ape’s undying

Folding Screen Monkeys trophy
Caught the Folding Screen Monkeys

Great Shinobi – Owl trophy
Defeated “Great Shinobi – Owl”

Father Surpassed trophy
Defeated “Great Shinobi – Owl” at the Hirata Estate

Corrupted Monk trophy
Defeated the “Corrupted Monk”

Gracious Gift of Tears trophy
Defeated the “Divine Dragon” and obtained the “Divine Dragon’s Tears”

Isshin Ashina trophy
Defeated “Isshin Ashina”

Demon of Hatred trophy
Defeated the “Demon of Hatred”

Great Serpent trophy
Defeated the “Great Serpent”.

Great Colored Car trophy
Defeated the “Great Colored Carp”.


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