We Sing Rock review

The Wii has seen hundreds of party, singing, minigame compilations, dancing, zumba and the like appearing in the last few years. Usually I despise this type of game and feel hatred for ruining my fav console. Now We Sing Rock is the latest singing game to appear. Will it rock you, or leave you wanting a Stairway to Heaven?…

Being a heavy metal and rock fan myself, I will instantly like this game for reason that a track by The Offspring is included. I was rather surprised to find that the game is actually quite enjoyable. The idea is simple, you use a bundled microphone and sing along to the tracks. If you sing too out of time or out of tune, you get a bad score. Hit them dead on and you’ll get great results. It’s pretty standard stuff, but throw in some cool tracks, grab some friends and it’s a good laugh.

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The tracks on offer are generally decent. There’s around 40 to choose from and should cater for most of the genre, although I was disappointed by a lack of killer bands such as Marilyn Manson, QOTSA, System of a Down and Rammstein. The developers have gone for a classic approach with the “Eye of the tiger” and “Ace of Spades” of this world, and at the other end of the spectrum…Sheryl Crow???? Thankfully you can pick and choose at will. My guess is that the songs are supposed to be enjoyed by different family members. The old man will love singing to Elvis, whilst the young daughter can headbang to Paramore…

The single player is decent enough. It has a training mode to help anyone who is THAT bad. The four player mode is particularly cool, if you have 4 microphones, as you must work as a team to get the perfect scores. There is a rap test mode which records you rapping skills. You are scored on the amount of correct words you say, which gives budding MCs a chance to test their might, as it were. In fact, it’s a shame there weren’t a couple of more rap type songs, although it may defeat the game’s purpose. Still, Aerosmith and Run DMC would have been awesome. Also there is no downloadable content option, which means no new tracks… a shame as that would have given a higher score.

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Graphically, the game is pretty simple. The music videos of the songs play, with the timeline overlaid on top. That’s pretty much it. The video quality is obviously not as crisp as an Xbox title would be, but they work. The sound quality is excellent which makes up for it.

We Sing Rock may not win any new fans to the genre. Essentially done hundreds of times before, this time though, it is tailored for rock fans. Grab some beers, get some mates or family around and it’s a great laugh. A decent range of tracks for the budget price, you could do worse.

Fun, if a little basic premise. Sing and get scored.
Videos on a screen, clear menus, nothing special.
Great sounding, good selection of tracks. Offspring!
6.5Final Score

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